The Truth About Watering

Watering seems simple, right?  Well, it's harder than it seems.  The most common mistake (overwatering) surprises most of our customers. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your efforts to protect your planting investment:

  1. Over-watering can be more detrimental than under-watering, and the symptoms are the same.
  2. You can't water too much at one time, but you can water too frequently.
  3. Get dirty!  Monitor your soil by grabbing a clump and balling it up.  Soil that crumbles is too dry.  Soil that is soggy is too wet.
  4. Both over-watering and under-watering are not covered by any warranty.
  5. Expect to water new perennials every 2-3 days.
  6. Expect to water new trees and shrubs 1-2 a week with a deep soak to encourage healthy root development.
  7. Use common sense, slow down watering during rainy periods and step it up during hot, dry spells.
  8. When in doubt, call our office.  We can make a service call to advise and provide feedback.

The Benefits of Ornamental Hand Pruning

Sign up for a tutorial with our Master Gardener to learn how to do this yourself.  Or, sign up for Horticultural Maintenance and our skilled gardening crew will handle this for you.

Routine ornamental hand pruning is an important practice in the garden.  Skilled cuts can improve air flow, reduce congestion, promote new growth, tame the shape, and improve the health and aesthetics of your plants.  Even more importantly, it can keep disease and insects at bay.  A healthy plant has the strength to stand up to these bullies! 

Scout for Insects

This Mugo Pine was totally defoliated by sawflies - it was a total loss, and the damage happened over just a few weeks.  If it was caught earlier, we could have saved this pine.

While you're enjoying your gardens, keep your eyes open for abnormalities.  Addressing insects early is the key to effective control.  When you spot something, contact us (and even send photographs) so we can help you effectively address the issue before it becomes a problem.  We are trained in both conventional and organic practices to meet the goal and needs of all of our clients.