Downer Brothers at Work



Downer Brothers Landscaping, Inc. began in the early 80's as a small neighborhood lawn mowing business created by brothers, Chris and Chad Downer. Traveling to clients on their skateboards, the Downer boys successfully ran their small business and quickly earned the respect of their neighborhood and town. As years passed, Chad moved on to other ventures, while Chris continued developing Downer Brothers Landscaping, Inc. into the success it is today. 

Over the past 30 years, Downer Brothers Landscaping, Inc. has distinguished itself as an industry leader in the design, build, and maintenance divisions. From skateboards to snowplows, we continue to take great pride in our reputation as a hard-working, ethical, and talent-driven entrepreneur in this field.

Few know of Downer Brothers' origins (though many wonder about the other brother), but our beautiful and professional work is known by all.


Pulling into your driveway, you see the fresh cut lines in the lawn, meticulously drawn
as if by paint brush, the lush green giving way to the arcs of your planting beds, the
dark mulch nicely contrasting the green of your lawn, your plants adding dimension,
color and texture.  The stresses of your day are wiped away by the neat order and
beauty of your yard. 


Chris Downer has lived in North Andover since 1980 and cares deeply about community.  Nicole Downer has lived in town even longer and shares Chris' commitment to community and giving back.  Together, they and Downer Brothers Landscaping, Inc. have served the Andovers (and beyond) in many ways.  Notably, Downer Brothers Landscaping, Inc. installed the plant material at the Joseph N Hermann Youth Center and has maintained its grounds since it opened.  Likewise, Downer Brothers Landscaping, Inc. has enjoyed a great relationship with North Andover Public School, Family Cooperative Preschool, and the Youth Enrichment Center and Hilton-Winn Farm in Maine.  Below is a collection of testimonials from these sources.